So, what do you prefer?

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I used to tell you what wasn’t happening
And now I tell you what is
But is there any difference?
I really don’t think so

And before we would
small talk, small talk, small talk
Weather, television
Everything but nothing

And now I no longer hide
I still don’t feel any better
I just let it all out
And you remain strangely silent

But I play the game much better now
Just the right amount of everything
But I still feel the same inside
So, go on, tell me, what do you prefer?



Daisy Chain

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The piercing blue eyes
Grab my heart
And hold it in a vice
Squeezing and pulling
Until there is nothing left
But a pool of blood
To match the tears that will surely come

Hands link together
Like a daisy chain
Pretty, but fragile
And soon to fall apart, wither and die
Like so many broken promises
And so many shattered dreams
Never wanting to let go but knowing I have to

Sometimes I wish the moment could last
But everyone knows that nothing lasts forever
And as things move too rapidly to their conclusion
The kiss, silent and tender
Speaks to me loudly, playing havoc with my emotions
Telling me what could have been
Hands unclasp now, the moment gone forever
Saying goodbye with an icy chill around my heart
Leaving just slowly fading memories



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Long black hair a sprawling mess
Face showing worry lines of stress
Chin harbouring a craggy beard
Yet there is nothing to be feared

Staring eyes full of fright
Following you scampering into the night
Lips and mouth don’t say a word
Even though there is lots to be heard

Ears that have heard a thousand screams
A mind that has lived a thousand dreams
Worn, weary but wordly wise
Yet everyone just walks on by

And for all there is to know
Silence that says please don’t go
For no-one has even tried
To look and find what lies inside

Botox Lips

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Cheap lipstick on your botox lips
Short skirt on your non-child-bearing hips
Face stuck in your mobile phone
Yeah, girl, you’re in the zone

Giving me that look on your disdainful face
Whilst you stand there with your plastic mates
All blonde hair and sparkling bling
That you know doesn’t mean anything

You thought you’d left nothing to chance
But you weren’t even worth a second glance
With all the crap you stuck on your skin
You forgot that beauty comes from within


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At night he waits for me
Looking up from the bed
With eyes full of anticipation
He yearns to spring forwards
But somehow keeps his patience
And waits before I settle
Before bounding upwards

There he sits
The poggle, the poggle
And there we both lie
For thoughts and recriminations
I lift him off and setlle foetally
If only I could go back
Right leg straight, left leg curled

And he slowly comes over and finds the divot
Where there used to be a bigger one
And he curls his legs over mine
The purr, the purr
Staying like this through the night
And this is how we live and love
Until the morning claims us both again

I Remember

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I remember a happier time
When I was yours and you were mine
Late night walks in the park
Where Swans were not the only things in the dark

I remember when we were complete
Although money was hard but life was sweet
And though everybody dreams about past glory days
It seems a hundred years ago in this haze

I remember you used to watch me sleep
Now I cry for the secrets we no longer keep
And now loves cruel mistress
Has finally got her ultimate wish

Memories fragmented in my mind
And it’s hard to leave them behind
And though its only April, it feels like December
I remember

When You Kiss Me

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When you kiss me
It’s almost like you want to miss me
I’m supposed to be your significant other
But you kiss me like it was your mother

This isn’t wartime rations
On my quest for passion
I can’t see what’s wrong
With wanting loves nuclear bomb

It’s a criminal waste
Of loves true face
So bring those lips close to mine
And let my mind and heart intertwine

Ode to Shipman

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Killed a few
No real disgrace
Old age in a pew
You won’t miss that face

Sense of power
Sense of trust
We can get some flowers
Of course we must

Arsenic, Adrenalin
Punctured through vulnerable skin
Who to trust, who to know
Watch the poison in the veins that slow

Now in prison, now in hell
But still beware the death knell
In doctors we trust
We must, we must, we must, we must

Why believe the massive lies
Trust and hope the alibis
Don’t believe the massive hype
Pray that you are not his type

Again, again, I hear you cry
That’s the truth, it’s not a lie
Everybody needs to be heard
But the dead, they don’t say a word


•January 29, 2010 • 1 Comment

The swaying bare branches
Flutter in the blustery wind
The coldness of the day
Only matched by the gloominess of my heart

The view of red bricks
On this summery wintry day
And the chimney that stands redundant
Only reminds me of myself

And as the wind plays with the bare skeletons of the trees
Toying with the branches using invisible hands
I think of what could have been
And what will never be

Lovingly Broken

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As I stare at the lavender moonlight
Lovingly broken
I have lost my insight
This wilted flower has spoken

I see in front of me a deep ocean blue
I hear the sound of new born kittens
Nothing borrowed, nothing new
Purpose gone, no longer smitten

The darkness of the night approaches
As the light at the end of the tunnel fades
Pointlessness encroaches
Time to go away, away, away, away